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Customer Testimonials

"Tina, Nancy, Brian and I wanted to take a moment to say thanks! Your contributions to our festivities helped make the week a success.

And as always the Histo-Potamuses were a big hit!

We held a drawing for Henry, Hazel and babies.

The dog squeaky toys went perfect with our "Who Do I Belong To?" Pet Photo Contest. Everyone also voted for their favorite pet photo and the winning doggies received a bag of doggie treats along with a squeaky toy, they were perfect!"

Thank you,

Penny, Sara Path Diagnostics

"Just wanted to thank you & Mercedes Medical for everything you sent for labweek!

We greatly appreciate what you did to help us celebrate. The little hippos can be used by the phlebotomists when they have to stick children! Everything will go to good use for our lab!!"

Thank you again,


"You know I put the word out that Mercedes is a great company, not because of the cookies, plush dog toys or even the unexpected gift card (way too generous!). I do it because you and everyone I have ever dealt with at Mercedes have treated me like a VIP client, not just a customer.

When you call to check up on me or spend time to walk me through stuff, I really appreciate that one on one service. I will continue to spread the word. For sure!

By the way, I do appreciate the gift card. And I will put it to good use.

Thank you Nick!"

Your very loyal customer and friend,

"When we needed alcohol in an emergency situation, because another NOT SO DEPENDABLE vendor messed up and did not ship my S/O of alcohol because it was still in "Quality Control Check" on the day it should have been delivered to the lab; I called good ole' Chad and he was able to ship me alcohol overnight and saved the day! As a result of that, I have since switched my monthly alcohol S/O to Mercedes Medical!"

Genevieve, HT

"Mercedes Medical provides the best service to its customers and I am sure that that is due to the excellent example set by Andy Wright. It is always a pleasure to speak with Andy and the other Mercedes Medical personnel, including but not limited to Rita, Sherri and Monica. Keep up the good work! Thank you for allowing me to participate in the luncheon even though I am in wet New Jersey!"

Best regards, Marla

"We are thankful for our sales rep. at MM for his courtesy and professionalism in dealing with us. We sometimes call him with issues or concerns and he is always willing to help us. He makes ordering and asking questions easy. There should be more sales reps like him!!! We also like "Henry" the purple hippo!"

"Mercedes Medical has one of the best customer friendly online order systems around. I wish all vendor sites were as easy to navigate as Mercedes Medical."


"Mercedes Medical (and Chad Brown!) has always treated us like friends instead of customers and we are constantly reminded that our business with you is appreciated. We thought customer service had become a thing of the past but you have proven us wrong. We appreciate the personal service, great products and great product pricing that you provide us."


"I am so absolutely thankful that Mercedes Medical has the supplies and costs our company needs, but I'm most thankful for Henry and his new wife. They have offered hours of comic relief to my life and contribute to the overall idea that life is short and should be enjoyed. Chad, I'm so thankful for your e-mail prowess and patience in processing our orders for all the different parts of the country!"


"Mercedes Medical is a company that provides quality products at a very good price. They stand out from the rest by paying attention to their customers by the little things they do for them. Sometimes those "little things" make a big difference especially in today's world. Those "big" companies do not have the one on one dialog with their customers. They have lost the "customer service" side of them which Mercedes prides themselves with and is evident in how they handle their business. I would highly recommend them."


"I just wanted to share a few words with you why I am thankful for Mercedes Medical:

Mercedes Medical is the best supplier I have ever used. I am thankful that you are always a phone call or an email away. You guys give me the best service and support I have ever experienced. Thank you Jake for the "checking in on me" calls. They really make me feel like a valued customer. Thank you Melissa for your fast responses and fixing all of our questions and problems, especially the ones I make!! You guys are awesome and I am thankful to call you guys "friends"!! (The free cookies don't hurt either!! )"

Thanks guys,

"We depend on Mercedes for quality products, excellent customer service and product availability. The Mercedes team is always willing to help and is very conscientious about taking care of the customer's needs. Mercedes has always been there and come through for us whenever we are in a pinch. We are very thankful to have such a great business partner to work and grow with year after year."

Thank you,

"Jake: Persistant and pleasant without pushiness. Helpful and prompt in returning info back to me. Available when I need to talk about my issues - or has Melissa handle my problem just as promptly. Other staff: Always polite and helpful. Seem well trained in both customer service (how rare) and in the nuts and bolts of medical supplies. Cookies: nothing much needs to be said about this wonderful perk - cookies make grownups feel child-like. We want the macadamia nut recipe, BTW! Warehouse: Packages are well packaged and not scummy (we wear white labcoats - this is actually important to us). Cold when needed. No boxes too heavy for us to manage safely."


"We love Mercedes Medical for several reasons, not the least which is our fantastic sales rep, Chad Brown! He is not pushy but is there for us and gives us great pricing. Also, we love getting the calendars and the stuffed animals for our display. The free cookies are a bonus and Mercedes Medical, being a dog-friendly workplace, touches our hearts! I am impressed with the company which has grown over the years, and especially so during the recession."

Thanks for supplying Histology with great products and services!

"I am so thankful for my Mercedes Medical rep. Chad Brown! Chad is the best, he is always ready, willing, and able to lend a helping hand and go the extra mile for me and my needs. I am very thankful to have such a personal and caring business and business contact to help me equip my lab, expediately, and economically."

Keep up the good work guys!


"As a new customer, Mercedes Medical has grown on me with the pleasantries of the Customer Service Reps greeting me with a smiling voice, professional assistance and magnetic charm.

On a personal note, we wish to thank Melissa Cirringione and Jake Smith for the quality products sold to us and the follow-up of all orders to the last detail.

On the lighter side, we look forward to receiving some freshly baked cookies via DHL Sky Box in Miami at no cost to you (address under separate cover) and to increased sales throughout the Caribbean.

God's Blessings!! You will always have our support."


"Melissa and all employee's of Mercedes Medical,

It has been a pleasure to do business with you. I am thankful that I was contacted by David Carson about 3 years ago concerning pricing and the wide variety of items that Mercedes has to offer.

I am thankful for Melissa and all the other customer service rep. that I have spoken with when I call in my order or call in for pricing. I have always received a pleasant voice and a great attitude along with the best service I could ask for.

I am so thankful for the shipping department, I never have to worry that I will not get exactly what I ordered and that the items will arrive on time and in good order.

And believe it or not I am thankful for your billing department. We always receive our invoice promptly and without error. The one time right after we started doing business with Mercedes we were due a credit for something and this was handled with no problem. I did not have to wait 6 month to see the credit on our account.

Employees here can also thank Mercedes for a few extra pounds that we have put on from the wonderful cookies that you send.

I must say it has been a great pleasure and experience for us to be served by such a great group of people at Mercedes Medical."



"I have been a customer with your company for a little over a year now and I have been very pleased with the products and the customer service I have received. I receive my orders in a timely manner and always in great condition. Dan Beiler, my account specialist is very knowledgeable about your products and always takes time to make sure I get the correct products."

Thank you,


"Words of appreciation:

I am personally grateful now and every day that I got to know Fran and later Melissa with whom I cooperate very well. I always got help from them on any problem that we faced and especially with ordering the supplies for our lab so the patients will have on time everything they needed for their lab tests. Many thanks also to the other people who work hard there to finalize all of our requests. I only have words of appreciation for everything Mercedes Medical does to satisfy our needs. I wish you an even greater success."


"I am thankful for your company because you allow me to save money for my company by offering the lowest price out there for most of my analyzer supplies. Plus, I can always count on excellent service. My supplies are almost always in stock and are received within a couple of days of ordering."


"I'm thankful for when Mercedes was able to express ship a new paraffin dispenser to my lab when ours crashed."

"Hi Dan;

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your hard work on our account. You have been amazing to work with! One of our biggest problems we have faced with the downsize of the economy was losing business. In speaking with you on different occasions, we discussed the issues we were facing here; mostly concerning our budget. Like the majority of your clients, we were tryng to find more cost effective ways to purchase laboratory products. You listened to the problems we were facing and found ways to help out. Not only did you lower some of our costs in the purchase of products, but most beneficial was the shipping reduction. That alone has made a vast difference in our monthly expenditures. Having an open line of communication with our vendors is vital to me; being able to honestly communicate with you makes my job that much easier. I deeply appreciate your attention to our account, the ease in how you handle all of my inquiries and requests as well as taking care of our client in Arkansas by shipping their supplies directly to their office. Thank you Dan, and Mercedes Medical for taking such good care of our account."

Your Raving Fan;



"Mercedes Medical has excelled in lowering our overall costs for a myriad of supplies used by our organization. Working with Chad Brown and is sales team has been a distinct pleasure, for they are truly responsive to our unique needs. Mercedes Medical's extensive product lines provide us with enormous value at extreme cost savings. The alternatives to Mercedes Medical in the medical supply industry only offer higher prices, and smarmy detached service professionals."

Thanks Mercedes Medical,