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Item IDItem DescriptionQuantity
SIE 1554
Urine Strips, Pro 10LS, Siemens
SIE 1780
Clinitek® Status® Analyzer (D/S)
UTA 12090
Urine Control Benzodiazepines Plus 5x5mL
UTA 12091
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Urine Control Benzodiazepines Plus 5x5mL
UTA 13010
Urine Control Bath Salts 5x3mL
UTA 17010
Validity Level 1 1x25mL
UTA 17011
Validity Level 2 1x25mL
UTA 17012
Validity Level 3 1x25mL
UTA 17013
Validity Level 4 1x25mL
UTA 17014
Validity Level 5 1x25mL
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