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Item IDItem DescriptionQuantity
EMD AX01451
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Acetonitrile HPLC 4L (HAZ)
EMD AX01561
OmniSolv LC-MS Acetonitrile 4L (HAZ)
EMD MX04861
OmniSolv LC-MS Methanol 4L (HAZ)
EMD WX00011
OmniSolv LC-MS Water 4L
FIS A4564
Methanol Optima LC/MS 4L (HAZ)
Water Optima LC/MS 4L (D/S)
SIG 349664X4L
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Methanol LC-MS Chromasolv 99.9% (HAZ)
SIG 392534X4L
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Water LC-MS Chromasolv(R)
SIG 6504474X4L
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2-Propanol Chromasolv Plus 99.9% (HAZ)
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Acetonitrile HPLC Grade, 4L (HAZ)
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